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Domestic bearings to reduce the noise generated by the fixed ring

The noise bearing installation relaxation caused by fixed rings, is the common equipment in the overall noise. Bearing ring relaxation noise principle is mainly embodied in two aspects: one is imported bearing ring relaxation deformation noise. A is bearing ring relaxation movement noise. Bearing maintenance, be sure to confirm which is a slack noise type, after the fixed adjustment.

When the bearing shaft is fixed, the inner sleeve of the bearing shaft is relaxed, and the inner sleeve of the bearing inner sleeve of the shaft is slightly deformed. Inner sleeve relaxation, also will lead to the entrance of the bearing jacket and bearing seat collision, resulting in the outer ring also appears micro deformation. Bearing a long time running, the deformation will continue to expand, the noise induced by the more obvious. If it is found that the imported bearings fixed relaxation, and there was a serious deformation, should replace the bearings; if the deformation is small, can adjust bearing operation center, straightening preload.

The fixed inner sleeve of the bearing is relaxed, resulting in the radial displacement noise of the bearing. The relaxation is installed in the ring may occur relative to the mounting surface of the radial motion, so as to change the state of equilibrium, have centrifugal force excitation bearing elastic vibration. When the imported bearings appear relaxation movement noise, even if the axial pre have not change this situation, because imported bearing ring preload can still based on thermal expansion of "creep" way to tend to the radial imbalance. When determining the bearing slack noise caused by the movement, should be promptly removed bearing, re - installed.

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