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Thin wall bearing maintenance knowledge

First remove the wheel, be sure to put away all of the screw, to avoid loss. Remove the bearing, sometimes may be due to the wheel lock is not easy to remove, will need to use the hex wrench forcibly removed, then the need for cleaning operation, can use a toothbrush to clean, etc. Some luoyang rock dragon thin wall bearing side cover is removable. For thin wall bearing can be sealed, luoyang rock dragon, you can use a screwdriver in seal gap to be pried open, only need to open one side, then back again after cleaning. For sealed bearings, can use a screwdriver to pry up one side side cover, but it cannot reinstall, can only be thrown away. Remember that only one side can be. Otherwise it will cause the bearing cannot be used.

Bearing the storage of

Thin wall bearings, as a kind of precision bearing with special structure. During its storage and need special care. Only in the right environment to the DA keep thin wall bearing accuracy and quality. The precision of the roller bearing and quality.

A, thin wall bearing should be stored in clean, dry environment, in the handling and storage control temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity to fixed in an acceptable range, should leave the ground more than 30 cm.

Second, the part of the bearing has certain storage life. For example, dust cover and bearing oil seal, when stored for a period of time, bearing will be a new start torque of bearing, at the same time, due to long time storage after the lubrication performance of the grease will be destroyed, so the bearing should be regularly check table maintenance.

Three, to ensure the bearing can be normal, reliable operation, it is necessary to impose enough lubrication, rolling body to prevent, race and have a direct metal contact between cage, causing wear and bearing surface corrosion. Therefore, in a variety of applications, select the appropriate lubricants and lubrication is very important, at the same time, also need the correct maintenance.

Four, lubricants mainly based on the operation condition of actual choice, namely: the temperature range and speed as well as the surrounding environmental impact. If can guarantee reliable lubrication, the bearing lubricant used dose the hours, its operating temperature, but at the same time other role, such as seal or cooling, consumption will increase. So when installing a bearing, filling grease to bearing the remaining space filled with general control bearing box the remaining space of 1/3-1/2, much more susceptible to high temperature. YRT turntable bearing because of the characteristics of low speed and high rigidity, used as a lubricant, grease filling at a time using 1 ~ 2 years, has the characteristics of convenient maintenance

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